Adrenaline Beast

    Adrenaline Beast is the home for the adrenaline seekers, for the true extremers. It is the place for people who want to engage in extreme sport of one sort or another or already are occupied and want to expand to something new.

    Ok so what is the definition of extreme sport?

    “Extreme sport is a sport in which you are obligated to wear a helmet even though it won’t help you when things go terribly wrong”

     -someone who never done anything extreme in his life-

    adrenaline game

    Who are the adrenaline junkies?

    We all know that everybody but people like us think that we are complete idiots, suicidal bastards. For them there are two types of thrill seekers: those who are simply wishing to die in early age and those who are just too stupid to understand that they are doing what the first group is trying to get. In both cases we are crazy idiots.

    But are we? If you are doing any type of extreme sport it means that you are a thrill seeker. And if you are a thrill seeker you already know it… it’s not something that anyone ever taught you or someone made you to be. It was always in you.

    the young adrenaline junkiesSince you were a small kid you always jumped from higher places than your friends, you always tried to run faster, when you discovered that you can be even faster with wheels, you started using them in any way that was available: bicycle, skateboard, rollerblades or whatever mix in between that could make you go faster and faster. You were different from you friends because you learned to control this stuff a lot faster and better then they did. Not only that, but when you did went riding together or playing whatever you played with, you always pushed the limit more than all of them and set the standards for the whole group to follow.

    You also probably spent your whole childhood walking around with bruises on your elbows and knees because you crashed, and a lot… and you probably still have a scar on your chin from something stupid you did back than.

    It didn’t stop when you grew up, only now it’s bigger and stronger because now your limits are stretched. In fact the more you are pushing yourself closer to the edge, the more that edge is going further and further. Your mind stops getting the same adrenaline rush because you got used to that edge, and so you push the edge even further, adrenaline when you grow upexpanding your abilities.

    It doesn’t really matter what you do, it can involve absolute speed, relative speed, jumping high, falling from the sky, into water or snow or mixing some of those together. It doesn’t matter because all off them have one thing in common- they all make us produce adrenaline…

    But that’s not all, and maybe here the understanding of us by regular people ends.

    Because for them we are adrenaline junkies who are risking their lives to get some more drug. We are another type of drug addicts and nothing more.

    But we all know the truth- the adrenaline rush is just a nice bonus. The real thing we are looking for is to be the best, to be the first, to do something with a machine or with our body that we couldn’t do yesterday and may be no one could, to be on the edge and push it, move it, evolve.

    We are doing it to be in control of brutal machines or surroundings, to be in total control… to enhance human ability, define the laws of physics, to overcome our fears, to know no limits.

    This is what we live for but not as wrongly understood by the gray people. We are not living for a drug, we are not living for adrenaline.

    We are living for the endless journey of expanding our limits, our abilities, to never stop. It is a life journey for perfection, for balanced control… it is the ultimate evolution, it is true human nature, that inner urge.

    Adrenaline is just a small gift from the universe that is remanding you that you chose the right way and to give you the power to go even further. This adrenaline won’t be there if you continue to do the same without pushing yourself to higher heights, to continue the journey.

    And so we decided to create this place. It is a place that was built by thrill seekers that are involved in extreme sports of one kind or another, who understand the real things that are important and thrilling.adrenaline job

    It is a place, a community, for people like us that are always looking for the next challenge.

    Here we have the extreme sports that were pinpointed as true extreme sports and not some cheap adrenaline experiences for tourists.

    Each one of the extreme sports comes with a small explanation, an explanation from a thrill seeker point of view that tells you shortly about the true story behind it, the true dangers and the true thrills of it. Also you will have some tips to give you the first directions to get started if you want to expand from your kind of extreme sport to something new.

    So, welcome to the home for all the true adrenaline seekers