Downhill Mountain Biking

    What is Downhill Mountain Biking?

    Downhill mountain biking may seem a childhood game to the untrained eye. And why not? We all rode on a bicycle when we were kids, and as a young adrenaline junkies we all tried to go as fast as we could on the steepest street we could find, so what can be so different, Right? Wrong!

    Today’s professional downhill mountain biking is one of the sickest extreme sport out there. The bikes those guys ride on are so different from your childhood bike that they shouldn’t even be called the same. With pro suspension, massive frame, hydraulic brakes, those things are designed for heavy duty.

    Downhill mountain biking is very simple, find a high mountain and follow the trail down, be the fastest one, digest adrenaline.

    The first downhill mountain biking race took place at Fairfax, California in 1976. The bikes were simple, heavy and primitive but the idea was promising and so it flourished.

    Today’s tracks offer high jumps, steep fast turns and very high speeds. Most of the races are held against the clock when riders are being launched one by one at some time interval.

    New tracks called “Urban downhill biking” were developed in the past years that go thru city’s streets. As if dropping from a mountain wasn’t enough, those adrenaline maniacs started to fly along small and narrow streets, jumping up huge staircases and riding on walls just to pass a small alley on their way down.


    What’s extreme about it?

    Riding your bike at the speed of a car on a steep, muddy, rocky slope of a mountain. Riding on a hiking trail, dropping huge rocks, sliding your tail and your front wheel at the same time inside a steep turn. Trying to shave another second from your track time by going even faster, pushing yourself to the limit.

    Yep, that will give you some adrenaline juice. It will take some time until you stop getting a rush out of it, then you can always start competing, so the adrenaline pool will never become empty. Although most of the races are against the clock and thus the thrill level is lower then a direct elbow- to- elbow competition against other riders, still the thrill of going down on these tracks, being in control, pushing yourself to the limits and trying to do the best time is a greate adrenaline source for you to drink from.


    How dangerous is it?

    If you are doing Downhill mountain biking as an amateur there is no danger at all…but we didn’t come here to be an amateurs, right? We want to go as a pro’s, to go fast otherwise it’s just a boring trip in the woods…

    So if you really want to go into Downhill Mountain Biking you will probably get hurtalong the way. Maybe not too serious injuries but bone fractures are very  likely as you advance your riding skills. The odds of dying are very small if any.


    How to start?

    This sport is very easy to start, but if you want to reach the pro’s level of speed, gear and tracks, which is where the real adrenaline is, you will need to work hard for it, like in any other extreme sport.

    First, do the obvious, go on and buy a mountain bike and safety gear. Go on riding outdoors. After you get good control over the bike, you can start visit your local downhill tracks, take some courses and just keep on riding. Eventually you will buy a downhill bike.