What is Motocross ?

    Motocross was started first in the United Kingdom as motorcycle trials competitions at the beginning of the 20th century. Originally known as scrambles racing, as the sport grew in popularity, the competitions became known internationally as motocross racing.

    The main concept is very simple and usually the same. A row of riders set at the starting line behind a small gate. The gate drops and thy all try to get to the finish line first thru a pre defined number of laps.

    The track usually contains a big verity of jumps: tables, doubles and triples. It has bumps, and turns with berms and an unlevel terrain which makes things even harder.

    The rider who crosses the finish line first wins, very simple.


    In 1972 was successfully held the first motocross race inside a stadium in the United States which was called “Supercross”. Supercross is pretty similar to motocross except supercross tracks are more technical and difficult for the riders and the races are almost exclusively held within stadiums.


    What’s extreme about it?

    The rush in motocross and Supercross riding is mostly around the jumps. While in the fast motocross tracks the speed element comes also into the rush factor. The absolute speed isn’t that high but the relative speed for that kind of bumpy terrain is high enough to be extreme and give you the buzz of adrenaline you wanted. “Flying” above those bumps while the bike is raving beneath you, trying to throw you away just before you take off  from the biggest triple on the track…

    but like in most of extreme sports, it is not enough and if you continue just riding with your friends on the track, after getting some riding skills and some time you’ll get used to the idea. That’s exactly why some crazy adrenalin junkies invented racing for us. Doing the same jumps and going thru the same bumps with other riders who are racing against you is a different rush altogether which turns an extreme activity to an extreme sport.

    In those sorts of extreme sports you will get a really hard to explain feeling when you get up to the level where you feel one with the machine. Your legs become the extension of your suspensions and your entire body will work together with the bike in complete harmony flying thru the jumps and the bumps of the track. This connection, this delicate feeling is something that takes time, dedication and hard work to get to, but if you do get to this skill level you will be introduced to a whole new level of rush and adrenaline.


    How dangerous is it?

    Well, chances are that if you want to squeeze some adrenalin out of this extreme sport you will get hurt. Everything between light injuries, broken or even maybe shattered bones. All depends on how extreme and crazy you are and how good are you in setting your own safety margins. In both cases you will fall and fall a lot, but most of the crashes will be without any consequents. Death is very rare and chances are greater being hit by a car on your way to the track.


    How to start?

    Motocross and especially Supercross are both very physically demanding extreme sports. So if you haven’t started at a very young age and got your mind and body grow into motocross riding you will have hard time at the beginning. You will be embarrassingly slow and after less than ten minutes will barely hold the handle bars. But you shouldn’t give up because as you go on your body will get stronger and your mind will learn how to ride the bike without wasting so much energy. Your fear factor goes further and further and you jump higher and higher to the air without pissing in your pans, from there the sky is the limit and your advancement depends only on how much time and effort you are willing to put in training.