What is Snocross?

    Snocross is a new extreme sport. People began to think about engine- driven vehicle to ride on snow in the early 20th century. It was only in 1960, that what we know as the modern snowmobile was developed. But it was only in the 90′s when personal snowmobiles took a sharp leap in performance and design.

    Today’s snowmobiles or “sleds” run on 4 and 2 strokes engines 500cc- 1200cc size. Most of the mainstream models size up 600cc – 800cc 4 strokes and produce +120hp. The pro racing models produce above 170hp.

    Snowcross evolved out of motocross. The name it itself is a combination of the words “snowmobile” and “motocross“. In the middle of the 90′s Snocross popularity spread widely and in 1998 Snocross was officially made a part of the winter X-games.

    At first glance Snocross looks like motocross with snowmobiles instead of motorbikes and curved track with bumps and jumps on snow or ice surface instead of dirt. You’ve got to imagine those extreme machines to understand what the true Snocross is. The racing sleds weight is about 460lb (209 kg)  with +170 hp engines. Those beasts can go 100ft (30m) in the air.

    Before the beginning of the race all the riders lined up in a row at the starting point. After the start, like in any other race, it’s ”may the best one win”. The first to cross the finish line after a pre- agreed number of laps, wins.

    There are some other types of racing which involve snowmobiles, like drag racing which can hit 200mph (320km/h), enduro, hill climbing and freestyle.



    What’s extreme about it?

    Snocross is all about the bumps, the jumps and the big air time with a 460lb screaming machine under you. This alone will fuel you with gallons of adrenalin for a long time. But the best part is that you get to compete against other maniacs like you, elbow to elbow, 30ft in the air riding the same kind of monsters. This way we chose Snocross to be our extreme sport representative of all the other snowmobile sports.

    You may get used to this aggressive and brutal machine, you may get used to these high jumps, but you’ll never get used to this battle of wills and skills, you will never get used to racing…racing as in other extreme sport is always different always full of surprises. The battles against other riders are always different- there are no two races alike. And so even after you control your machine perfectly and you lost the excitement of just riding, you will still going to get the rush of your life at every race- start to finish.

    How dangerous is it?

    Contrary to what you might think, the snow at the tracks is’t soft and the falls may get very brutal. The injuries similar to motocross injuries- fractures and the like…

    What makes the difference is the weight and size of the sled. Those monsters can easily crush you, if you happen to be on the wrong side of them. Additional hazard is being run over by other riders. In both cases the damage to your body would be a lot more severe than in motocross.

    At the beginning the riders wore motocross protection gear, but very soon it was modified specifically for Snocross- the body armor became more massive and other modifications were made to withstand the brutality of this extreme sport.


    How to start?

    You can easily start because you can ride very slow and in very safe environment at the beginning. All you really need to start a snowmobile and snow. At first you’ll have to get a feel of this machine which behaves differently from anything you rode before. Just go on and explore your outdoor surroundings. After some time you can try tight turns and fast riding. Sooner or later you will be drawn to racing, you will want to test your abilities “under fire” against other adrenaline seekers like you. this is when the real fun begins.