What is Snowboarding?

    Snowboarding started back in the 20′s with people trying to “ride” on wooden planks down the snowy slopes. But it wasn’t until the middle of the 70′s that this extreme sport took off out of the inspiration of skateboarding. Snowboarding is fairly simple. The surfer stands on a board sideways and maneuvers himself down the mountain slope. The feet are inside Snowboarding boots attached to the board with Bindings installed on it.

    Although Snowboarding is slower than classical skiing, it still is one of the most popular extreme snow sports, packed with countless variations and lots of adrenaline. There are many styles in Snowboarding, the main ones are: freeriding, in which as you may guess, you go down the slope and do what ever you like, using the terrain to perform jumps and tricks; freestyle, in which you perform jumps and tricks on man -made obstacles and ramp course; freecarve, is a snowboarding race, the race is down a slope usually with a slalom markings. The skiers race one another to the bottom maneuvering between those markings, first one to cross the finish line wins.



    When speaking about  snowboarding vs skiing there is always an argument on which is hotter. Well, we’ll leave the decision to you. and show you different sides of those two extreme sports instead. even thou you can do almost the same tracks and slopes in both of them.

    What’s extreme about it?

    Its doesn’t matter if you are jumping to the sky from a ramp performing rolls and loops, or going on a double black diamond track “swimming” in powder, maneuvering yourself between trees and rocks on a sick slope, it is undoubtedly one of the most adrenaline buffed extreme sport on snow.

    You will be drenched in adrenaline. it’ll begin from the first time you get the feeling of “sliding” on the snow. The mere fact that you manage to ski without falling, the feel of the slope under you will excite you. Later on you will start to go faster and skidding freely  all over.

    When the beginners tracks won’t give you adrenaline anymore, you will probably start experimenting with some jumps and stunts. This is a whole new area with unlimited source of adrenaline, because you can always find even bigger jumps with bigger air to jump from, and try to perform the tricks which are even more extreme.

    Meanwhile, you will continue to advance in trails rating, going down on harder and more extreme slopes. Eventually you can start go off-piste. Flying on pure powder snow wherever you desire, jumping from insane drops, exploring new surroundings, discovering places which nobodyhas seen before you…Oh yes, this is the ultimate adrenaline rush in this extreme sport.


    How dangerous is it?

    Snowboarding is relatively safe, if you use all the safety gear and do not try to jump over your abilities. Majority of the injuries, mostly fractures and bruises, will happen at the beginner stage. At higher levels injuries are less common, but when they do happen they can be severe and even deadly. When you go to more advance rated trails, the danger factor will increase, especially if you start skiing off-piste where hidden objectes (rock, fallen trees and so on) beneath the snow and possibility of avalanches will raise the danger factor drastically. Nevertheless, like in any other kind of extreme sport, if you don’t rush your progress, move forward step by step and learn from other extremers’ experience, you will considerably reduce the risks.

    How to start?

    There are numerous skiing sites around the world, you can rent Snowboarding equipment there and take a beginner course to get yourself started. Then advance at your own pace. So it is recomended not to go off-piste before you learn to fully control your board and feel at home on the hardest trail on the site.