What is Supermoto?

    Supermoto, also know as supermotard, combines asphalt racers and off-road racers in one big adrenaline party. The supermoto tracks are usually ~70% made out of asphalt and ~30% off-road with motocross jumps. There are also supermoto tracks which are made 100% asphalt.

    The craziest supermoto tracks designed as an open motocross tracks made from asphalt. You really don’t want to fall from those tables and doubles…
    The bikes are usually motocross bikes which have gone thru some modification like: 17′ inch wheels, road tires and much bigger front disks for more powerful braking.

    Today’s supermoto bikes evolved to bikes that are only for supermoto use and have stronger engines, reinforced frame, shorter rear arm and a lot of other modifications that make them very different from the motocross bikes and from the homemade supermotos of the 90′s

    The main idea is to bring together the fastest riders from different genres of motorbike racing and set once and for all who has the biggest…

    This crazy concept was born back in the 70′s in the US where ABC commissioned a made-for-TV event called “Superbikers”. The show was intended to find the ultimate all-around motorcycle racer. The show was very successful until 85′ when it was canceled.

    The European riders took this brilliant idea back home and in the 80′s supermoto or supermotard came back to life mainly in France which hosts a bunch of talented and crazy people who started to install road wheels on their motocross bikes and go on riding on asphalt tracks.
    The categories could be different between countries, the basic ones are are:

    • S-1: limited to 450cc for four strokes and up to 250cc for two strokes
    • S-2: unlimited above 450cc for four strokes and above 250cc for two strokes

    What’s extreme about it?

    Like in every Moto genre, you’ll get used to the thrill of the ride itself or from the power of the bike after a short time.

    If you rode any type of motorbike before you will first be surprised by this lightweight beast and how easy it is to put it on its side down to the foot pegs. This will get you excited for some time. Then you will be trilled from the aggressive nature of these bikes, up to the 3rd and sometimes 4th gear every twist of the throttle will produce aggressive wheelie whether you like it or not. These bikes were made for hooligans so wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, rolling burnouts and back it in slides are all stuff that are going to exite you and inject some adrenalin to your system for a while but you will get used to it pretty quickly as you stretch your limits and get more and more aggressive on the bike. If your country have tracks with some jumps and you never rode on a motocross you will find that going high to the air with a motorcycle is a good rush too. As you will acquire some confidence you’ll jump higher and higher and eventually you will get use to the idea, It will stop giving you any rush. By the way, thru the last two stages you’ll fall a lot and probably get yourself injured in one way or another.

    Now you are supposed to be a pretty good supermoto rider. But just going on the track is not extreme anymore, no rush, no adrenaline. Now you will be hooked to racing…
    Yes, racing is the unlimited pool of adrenaline. It never ends, you never get tired of it, and it will always excite you and give a big bang off adrenaline to your head.

    You see, every race is different, there’s no two races alike and the rush of competing against other people when you are on the edge is unlimited.

    So if you are looking for adrenaline in supermoto you will eventually have to go into racing in one way or another.

    How dangerous is it?

    It is a pretty safe extreme sport if you have a good safety gear and don’t try to stretch your abilities to much.

    You will crash lots and lots of times but because most of the supermoto tracks are pretty small and the speeds are low you’ll probably won’t injure yourself too seriously. Death is rare and mostly unlikely.

    How to start?

    Well, first you need to get a supermoto bike. You can modify your off-road bike to a supermoto by installing 17′ inch wheel rims and a different braking system. This bike will be eventually to weak for a hard supermoto riding, mostly because of it’s soft suspensions. So what you want to do is to convert a motocross bike or to buy a supermoto ready to race bike which are available today right out of the store.

    If you start riding supermoto you should have some riding experience, better if you are coming from off-road- motocross, enduro and ext than from street bikes, because supermoto bikes are still pretty similar to an off-road bike and you are probably used to ride when your bike is sliding and drifting all over which is harder to get use to for the street and sportbikes guys.
    You don’t have to start in an early age and with some time you’ll reach pretty good level.